• - Dan Castro

    After interviewing numerous construction companies to redo my back yard ground flooring I couldn't find anyone who was willing to do the work with quality as the most important thing on the list. They all were trying to do as little work as possible while trying finish as quickly as possible and charging as much as possible. I was literally disgusted with the mindset of some of the more known contractors within the New York area. I decided to take a shot with Naba Construction since they seemed willing and eager to do the work with quality as the top priority. I have to say that it was the best decision I made. My yard looks amazing and the workmanship and attitude of Naba Construction workers was totally professional. Nothing was a problem for them and they charged a reasonable price. I highly recommend Naba Construction to anyone who wants to improve their home. Brooklyn, NY

  • - Harun Rashid

    I think really good company. One month before my house inside painting disgen kitchen tiles polish and bathroom sauna fiting. Really his team good work. I trying you do trying this

  • - Daniel Griffith

    Great construction company!

  • - Nirges M.

    I needed extensive brick work done to my home as well as a concrete driveway and brownstones steps after six different construction estimate a friend referred me to Naba Construction Mr. Delwar Miea (owner) not only give me the best price for buck he had a 6 to 8 man crew at my house everyday it only took 6 working day as opposed to twe weeks as everybody suggested two contractors that I was going to use in the neighborhood compliment.

  • - Ibrahim M.

    There really good at everything they do I would definitely recommend them to do some work for you.

  • - Rick Sanchez

    After interviewing numerous contractors to redo my back yard ground flooring, I couldn't find anyone who was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done and done right, and in a timely manner. They all seemed to put time ahead of quality and workmanship. Then I found Naba Construction Co. and they showed a level of professionalism and care to top quality work at a reasonable price. They came and did the job fast and top notch. I would recommend Naba Construction Co. to anyone who is interested in redoing any house repair and work.

  • - Robin Don

    I really like this company bcz they really doing excellent work.